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Thread: Age of Bronze: Features and Download Links

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    Icon1 Age of Bronze: Features and Download Links

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    Before Rome, before Caesar, before the rise of Persia or Sparta, the world was forged in bronze. From stone molds and ancient forges in forgotten halls
    flowed the wealth of ancient kingdoms, the mighty armies of the Hittites and the magnificent wealth of Knossos.
    By the commands of primeval kings great glittering armies of men and chariots fought bloody wars and expanded their dominions, while on the fringes of civilization barbarian tribesmen fought duels and skirmishes in dark pagan forests and great champions clashed on battlefields.
    Further to the east, vast hordes of nomads scoured the steppes, falling upon scattered settlements like packs of wolves

    This is the beginning of civilization, the rise of the first cities and superpowers. The time when the first emperors carved decrees into stone, where
    nations forged their legacies on the anvil of war.

    This is a time of heroes, empires, and mighty god-kings. This is the Age of Bronze.

    Download Age of Bronze!
    Latest Version: 1.8

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    Join the Age of Bronze

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    • Experience a full custom battle overhaul, set at the very climax of the European Bronze Age.
    • Take control of over 20 completely new playable factions brought to life with stunning accuracy. Witness the splendour of Egyptian New Kingdom, the might of the vast Hittite Empire, the military prowess of Mycenae, and many more.
    • A large number of custom graphical assets, including meshes, textures, and faction icons, created from scratch exclusively for Age of Bronze.
    • Extensively modified battle mechanics haul Total War into a completely new era of warfare, creating a unique battle experience.
    • A brand new user interface design built exclusively for Age of Bronze.

    Playable Factions

    The Hittite Empire (Hatti)
    Ugarit (Canaan)
    The Sea Peoples
    Kamboja (India)
    Nairi (Armenia)
    Belsembeax (Britain)
    Haumavarga (Andronovo Steppe Culture)
    Verkanna (Iran)
    Dilmun (Arabia)

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    Default Re: Age of Bronze: Features and Download Links

    Age of Bronze 1.8 has been released!

    Download from ModDB

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    In this update you'll find what is probably the largest number of new assets we've introduced in a single update, including chariots for the Egyptians and Hittites, a host of new armour models, and many more! We have also take the opportunity to fix a large number of outstanding bugs and visual glitches.


    • Custom chariot models for the Hittite Provincial Chariots, Anatolian Chariots, Egyptian Light Chariots, and Pharaoh's Chariots units
    • Over 20 other assets, including...
      • Redesigned Dendra Panoply for the Greeks
      • Bronze Scale armours for the Egyptians, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians, and many more factions of the near-east
      • A new set of plumed helmets for the Sea Peoples
      • Helmets for the Syrians, Canaanites, Assyrians, and Mitanni
      • Double-handed axes for the Hittites
      • New full-body skin models for a number of units
      • Many more new and tweaked/reworked assets!

    • Clarified the availability of units in custom battle, when those units were available as general's units
    • Fixed various reported bugs, including units becoming invisible when far from the camera, certain weapon attach points not being properly set, and pike units not actually being pike units.
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