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    Icon7 Battle CTD

    Thank you for this great mod.

    I just freshly installed NTW game and this mod + 8.8 patch + Bran AI today. Campaign went well, no issues so far. But my first battle crashed half way.

    Is this something to do with my game settings? I have ultra graphic and ultra unit size.

    i7 9700KF + GTX 1080 should be able to handle this I suppose.

    Is there any way to diagnose?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Battle CTD

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was playing the main 1805 campaign.

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    Default Re: Battle CTD

    I followed the guide, tweaked video memory and lowered settings to High. It seems stable now as I fought a few battles without crash.

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    Good to hear that, most of the campaign battle crashes are due to the graphic settings. The original ntw vanilla campaign was designed for short quick battles. The NTW3 mod (and others like it) have gone way beyond the original game design. Your cpu has to run the campaign map in the back ground while you fight your battles and this puts a large load on even the high end cpu's especially if the graphic settings are on high or above. These graphic settings can help you get the most out of the NTW3 game:

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