Demolishing Buildings in Overdeveloped Cities

One of the great things about SSHIP is the number of buildings that can be constructed in a settlement, and how carefully the player can therefore control things like law, happiness, population growth, etc. However, I noticed that there are many settlements that rapidly gain more buildings than can be seen in the tab at the bottom of the screen (one can only see up to 24 buildings there, but SSHIP has far more than 24 buildings that can be simultaneously present in a settlement).

Spoiler for Example of a settlement with over 24 buildings

For management of newly captured settlements it can sometimes be of great use to demolish certain buildings, either in order to reduce population growth (particular territories have very high base growth rates, and so slowing them down can help keep control while you assimilate them), or to change the guild (you might want to have a law-bonus providing guild, rather than an economic one). However, if the settlement already had 24+ buildings present, some of the buildings you'll want to demolish won't be visible in the tab. Worse still, you might not even be sure what's been built, and so not know what to even demolish. But there is another way to go about seeing a settlement's buildings, and to destroying them, if necessary.

Here is what you do (pics in spoiler below):
1. Select a settlement with more than 24 buildings.
2. Open the construction menu for the settlement in question.
3. Click on the "Building Browser" button on the bottom-left corner of that menu.
Note. Now you will see all buildings in the settlement, either actual (black text) or possible to build later (gray text).
--> From this screen you can click around on the buildings to get a better feel for what might be worth demolishing, or just to see what you've got already in place.
4. Click on the line of buildings you would like to demolish (e.g. clicking "Smiths" will open the line of all buildings in the "Smith" building tree)
5. If you right-click the image of a building from the building browser, you will get the info-scroll for it, and if that building has already been built, you will also see the option to demolish it (bottom-left corner of info-scroll).
6. If you wish to demolish the building, just hit the "demolish building" button on the bottom right of the building's info panel. Thus, even if a building is not visible in the handy field at the bottom of the screen, you can still see that it has been built, and you can destroy it, if you so wish.

For those of you of a more graphic bend, here is the same info in pictures:
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

And here is your final result, a settlement with one fewer building.

I hope the little guide/tip here is of use to some pepple. I know this is a very small thing, but it is one that is incredibly useful to know (if you don't already), and I found that there really are some settlements in SSHIP that you will certainly need to trim down upon capture, in order to prevent them revolting in a small number of turns. Using this method, you can more easily see what can be destroyed, and get to that without having to destroy other things just to get the building icons into the panel at the bottom of the screen.