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Thread: Schwert und Speer Ultimat 2.0 (die Wollmilchsau)

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    Default Schwert und Speer Ultimat 2.0 (die Wollmilchsau)


    This mod has originally been only available on German Total War sites even though it has a English translation. The method of changing the language was a bit cumbersome and the installation also lacked Steam compatibility - all of that has been addressed with my installer.
    The mod features the original campaign with 8 additional factions (Litauen, Deutscher Orden, Königreich Jerusalem, Kiew, Irland, Norwegen, Fürstentum Antiochia, Mongolen playable) and a long list of improvements\additions otherwise.

    The German forum version can be found here and as usual all rights remain with the original authors

    InstallationThis is one of my 'click through' installations.
    • As long as your registry is fine the installer will find the correct installation path. If not, simply follow the instruction displayed in the installer.
    • At the end of the installation a file verification will take place, allow it to finish, check for error messages (see #1 in picture), close it and finalize your installation. Leave the launch tick box checked (see #2 in picture).
    • Steam users: no need to do anything - simply start the mod with it's desktop shortcut

    Spoiler for installer picture

    • In the launcher simply choose Spielen\Play as the default language is English:


    20200106 - adds missing code for agent limit script, extract into the ...\mods\sus_ult\data directory
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