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    Icon6 [Cutlery] Medieval cutlery set

    No brand name or package. Bought from here:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Simple fork, spoon and knife. Only €12 each - plus you get to see the rich and happy life of Medieval oppressors (wish they sell furniture too!)

    They're apparently handmade with real iron not some black cover.

    - Knife with wide and thick blade is far superior to conventional knifes, as it doesn't bend under stress when chopping thick meat.
    - Spoon is a bit too flat. Still usable for rice and dumplings.
    - Fork is of some rather odd design (pitchforks??) and so far the only purpose I can imagine is to stab unwanted guests.

    All three of them are heavy and sturdy, can double as weapon when needed.

    I was also warned about the touch on the tongue but they actually feel quite normal.

    100% Recommended to anyone who want a non-boring cutlery set.
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