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Thread: Really BadAI Battle System

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    Default Really BadAI Battle System

    I tried to manually instal RBAI mod for EB as stated for general purpose by the mod and i get the following error while trying to install it

    Errow ehile processing ReallyBadAI_Universal.txt
    ebii\data\world\maps\campaign\imerial_campaign\campaign_script.txt does not contain:script

    Operation aborted

    Has anyone tried to do that and worked and if yes how?Cause i believe EB really need this battle AI to be perfect

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Really BadAI Battle System

    I would assume that since this is an overhaul and that the stats and units behaviour are significantly differently compared to vanilla (which IIRC is what the mod you mentionned is designed for) you should not assume that the two mods would be compatible.

    Note: I'm a gamer which play with a lot of mods and I use two rules of thumbs :
    - if neither of the two mods which I would like to mesh together don't outright state that they are compatible with each other then they will break (one of them giving said statement is enough)
    - if something doesn't suit your enjoyement/vision in a mod look it up in the many modding guide on scripting and such and sub-mod it youself for your enjoyement (most modders start/started that way)

    IMHO you can vastly improve your enjoyement of a mod with small incremental changes to the files (ALSO: ALWAYS KEEP A BACK UP FIle I cannot stress this enough)

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