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Thread: MTW2 mod with MTW1 atmosphere, map and gameplay

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    Default MTW2 mod with MTW1 atmosphere, map and gameplay

    Hello I'd want to make a new mod for MTW2 with basically original MTW style map and gameplay conversion with MTW2 3D map engine but with MTW1 map with a similar risk type system and similar gameplay and atmosphere, but with M2TW diplomacy, economy, combat, battles, family tree, population and all MTW2 good features with MTW2 graphics and engine... It's my DREAM mod... I know it's a big and hard project but I want to start out with it and maybe I whish if someone can help me with this project? I am a huge MTW and MTW2 fun and I would like to make a total conversion but keeping similar as possible MTW with improvement M2TW made...

    I call it Medieval Total War classic Total Conversion mod....

    It will have all the factions and units possible and then when someone will break hardcoded limits I could put more on it! But for now we will stand to about 500 units and 31 factions with different factions for every of 3 eras as MTW1 was!

    All MTW units, artworks, charachters, music and map will be remade with engine of MTW2... I am new to modding and I wish to know how could a risk style 3D map work? An hybrid between the two would be doable? Basically maintain 3D map but with 2D Risk map movement and armies all joining the the attached or the besiegeing army (as was in MTW) but with dynamic 3D terrain where you fight in the area of the map where the main army is located

    It's hard to explain my english is not the best but btw.... However imagine MTW1+balancment and variety of mods as and SS 6.4 and many other scripts added....

    Originally I intended to use MTW but it's pretty limited in hardcoding so can't improve much but using MTW2 with newer engine, features, mechanics and re-create MTW1 with good MTW2 things, options and graphics would be a BLAST!

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    Default Re: MTW2 mod with MTW1 atmosphere, map and gameplay

    The first problem is the map. The M2TW game engine relies on map to create unique battlefields (never a TW has that abillity after ). So by drawing a map the game will see a flat terain and always you will fight in a grassland.
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    Default Re: MTW2 mod with MTW1 atmosphere, map and gameplay

    It sounds like you have lots of work ahead of you, Nikola. Start small and expand step by step - thats my advice....

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    Default Re: MTW2 mod with MTW1 atmosphere, map and gameplay

    There was this mod for Medieval 2 which tried to do something similar:
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