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Thread: The Potential Lab Origin of COVID-19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Thesaurian View Post
    It’s a shame we’ll never know what happened, because even if there is any hard evidence left, the Politburo will never permit a real investigation.
    There is simply no trustworthy information coming out of that damned country. This applies to economical data at the most obvious and it certainly applies sensitive stuff like that. We really will never know. However, since the Chinese pretend to be offended at any point of negotiation very readily, I think it's time to 'insult' them some more and to just ruthlessly infiltrate all of their crap. It's unfortunately very important and necessary to be prepared for their screw ups, because there will be much more on various levels in all kinds of matters.

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    Possibly (hopefully probably) nothing but:

    A novel form of Langya henipavirus, LayV, has been found in the Shandong and Henan provinces of northeastern China. 35 cases are known thus far with no deaths yet reported.
    "The virus caused symptoms including fever, fatigue, cough, loss of appetite and muscle aches" this Guardian article states:

    Its natural reservoir is thought to be mainly wild shrews. No human-to-human transmission has been confirmed to date. Oddly, it appears the Taiwanese CDC appears to be taking the lead in monitoring the situation:

    CDC to monitor novel virus after China infection reports - Focus Taiwan

    An article providing additional epidemiological information with a cautiously optimistic prognosis:

    A Newly Discovered Virus Has Likely Sickened Dozens in China—How Worried Should We Be? (

    One posts this item here as it may be of tangential interest to the thread.

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