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Thread: Troy Badges Competition - Rules Thread

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    Default Troy Badges Competition - Rules Thread

    Troy Badge Competition

    The Troy Badge Competition is now on! You decide what will be our next set of badges! Get creative and show us your best work and your badges could be the official badge set for Total War Center forums.
    Feel free to open your own workshop thread in the Graphic Workshop, so that we can all work together and provide feedback on the work we are doing.

    Generic Competition Rules

    1. The badges must be Troy-themed, or at the least clearly refer to early Hellenic culture and history.

    2. Badges MUST remain within the 175 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. They MUST NOT be animated. PNG files are preferred, in order to maintain a high degree of graphical fidelity. Maximum file size is 5KB.

    3. For the 1st round of the competition, a set of 6 badges must be submitted to be considered as "complete". These 6 badges are:
    • Hexagon Council
    • Moderator
    • Citizen
    • Content Staff
    • Consul
    • Magistrate

    4. For the 2nd round of the competition, a full set of 21 badges will have to be done by the finalists. These badges are:
    • Hexagon Council Administrator
    • Moderator
    • Technical Staff
    • Content Director
    • Content Staff
    • Content Artist
    • Librarian
    • Gaming Director
    • Gaming Staff
    • Consul
    • Primus Praefectus
    • Praefectus
    • Censor
    • Magistrate
    • Tribune
    • Citizen
    • Civitate
    • Artifex
    • Patrician
    • Stalker (Garbarsadar's)
    • A God in Colchester (imb39's)
    • NOTICE: Modding Director & Modding Staff Badges aren't in use ATM, but the final winner will be requested to submit those as well since they might be needed in the future.

    5. Users may submit up to two badge sets in different styles during the 1st round.

    6. Each badge submitted must have text that is easy to read, and font color must correspond to the name color of the usergroup involved. Unless differently specified (see Tribunes/Magistrates and Moderators) these codes are given for information purposes and not as a fixed requirement.

    Spoiler for Here are the different color codes (decimal RGB and hex RRGGBB)
    Tribune/Magistrate – RGB code 0.0.0/Hex code #00.00.00 - MUST USE THIS COLOR
    Сталкер – RGB code 72.72.72/Hex code #484848
    A God in Colchester – RGB code 157.103.13/Hex code #9D670D
    Censor – RGB code 72.36.57/Hex code #482439
    Consul – RGB code 128.0.128/Hex code #800080
    Patrician – RGB code 75.0.130/Hex code #4b0082
    Praefectus & Primus Praefectus – RGB code 128.0.0/Hex code #800000
    Tech Staff – RGB code 5.79.142/Hex code #054f8e
    Content Staff/Director/Artist/Librarian – RGB code 0.0.255/Hex code #0000ff
    Moderator – RGB code 0.0.128/Hex code #000080 - MUST USE THIS COLOR
    Gaming Staff/Director – RGB code 255.69.0/Hex code #ff4500
    Hexagon Council - RGB code 238.0.0/Hex code #ee0000
    Citizen/Civitate/Artifex – RGB code 165.42.42/Hex code #a52a2a
    For reference Modding Staff – RGB code 0.102.0/Hex code #006600

    7. The "God in Colchester" badge must use a representation of Homer & The "Stalker" badge must retain its current imagery and font.

    8. Everything you submit must be your own work. Blank templates for use may be provided, but you are also free to create your own (for personal use in the competition and sharing) or use open source material.

    9. Submissions do not need to be 100% finished. Some small tweaking will be allowed for the winner.

    10. You MAY NOT ask for votes. You MAY advertise this competition, but you MAY NOT advertise your own submissions. If you do so, you will be disqualified.


    • Submission period for the 1st round will last for 3 weeks. Entries may be edited anytime before this time ends.
    • Submission period for the 2nd round will last for 3 weeks. Entries may be edited anytime before this time ends.
    • Submission periods might be extended for one extra week at the discretion of the Hex.
    • To submit your entries you must post them in the dedicated Submission Thread.
    • Entries not posted in the Submission Thread will not be considered!
    • You may make two separate entries.


    • There will be two rounds of voting.
    • The first round will begin after the 1st submission period is over. The first round of voting will last two weeks.
    • A second, final round of voting will then begin with the top three entries from the previous round and after the 2nd submission period is over. This round will also last two weeks.
    • Voting periods might be extended for one extra week at the discretion of the Hex.


    • Every participant will receive 20 rep points, provided they have presented a set of 6 badges.
    • Every submission that will make it to the final will get another 30 rep points
    • The winning submission will receive the "Artist Badge" or another extra 80 rep points if the submitter already has that award.


    Here is a list of the current badges currently in use, from the TWC Wiki Page

    Spoiler for And here are some materials for use

    Stalker render


    If you have any questions, please use the Discussion Thread.
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