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Thread: [FIX BROKEN MECHANIC] Fire at will / Guard mode

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    Default [FIX BROKEN MECHANIC] Fire at will / Guard mode

    Good Day,

    I would like to seek assistance to fix two broken game mechanics: Fire-At-Will & Guard Mode.
    These really affect how effective certain units are, especially bandit units that really rely on missile advantages vs more heavily armored imperial factions.

    Fire-At-Will: When engaging in ambush battles the fire at will toggle does not work. Not for any units, usually you turn it on and as soon as someone is in range they shoot and will continue as long as someone is within their range. During ambush battles this does not work. You have to manually select a unit to attack, which brings me to guard mode being broke i believe. I could be wrong, just correct me if so.

    Guard Mode: I thought that when a missile unit was in guard mode if you ordered them to attack a unit that they would not pursue them, but instead stop firing once the unit was out of range. If toggle at will was toggled they would then fire at any other units in their range rather than chase the originally selected unit.

    I appreciate any and all assistance on this matter, thank you kindly!!!

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    Default Re: [FIX BROKEN MECHANIC] Fire at will / Guard mode

    As far as i know these are not "moddable" this is something only CA can fix. And its been reported many times ( the fire at will during ambush)

    I have not had the issue with guard mode

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