Hey there, I did not see this problem listed anywhere here so far and google has been no help (And the steam forums ughhh)....however if it has been covered I apologize in advance.

Still I would appreciate it if anyone can help me here, or link me to something that can.

Just last year I had Stainless Steel 6.4 (patched) working just fine on this very computer. However after a long absence I tried to play the mod again. Both Stainless Steel and the Base Definitive MTW2 games gave me the "Audio failed to initialize" error and upon closing the app two fatal errors.

So I reinstall MTW2 and it works. I install 6.3 and it works. I install 6.4 and patch it and im hit with the same audio error.

Eventually I figured out that uninstalling and deleting all Stainless Steel files would allow the base MTW2 game to play proper.

So in short I have no idea what the problem is but after having the glory that was Stainless Steel I really don't want to go back to Vanilla MTW2.