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Thread: Questions about SS6.4 and RC/RR

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    Hello, sorry if these questions have been answered, I have been digging through year old threads but would like some concrete info if anyone has!I have been getting back into ME2TW since coronavirus - im sure many are, but its been 10 years away for me!Currently running SS6.4 with 1.27 bg Fix + Kings, Empires Republics + viva la rebellion mods - having a grad time!My questions are:1. What version of RR/RC is included in SS6.4?2. What version of RR/RC are the units and such on display at (they seem to be close but not a 100% match with SS6.4?3. Is RR/RC Ultimate 2.0 working? and if so is it a patch ON TOP of SS6.4 or is it a stand alone?Thanks in advance for any answers and much love to the awesome modding commmunity!

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    RR/RC Ultimate Edition is made by the same guy, Point Blank, who made the RR/RC components that are included in SS6.4, and it is based on SS 6.4, but it is a separate, newer, but highly unstable mod. It has never really been made fully stable, though some few players have played it and fiddled with it. So no, it is not a patch on top of SS6.4. And yes, it is a stand alone.
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