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Thread: No late game historical battles?

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    Default No late game historical battles?

    Hi, I installed the mod and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but basically I was looking for historical battles set in the late game (possibly in Caesar's era ) to be played as the Romans, a battle that historically the Romans won.
    But on the historical battle list, strangely most of the battles are set in Alexander's the great period with only a couple of battles seeing involved the Romans.
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    Default Re: No late game historical battles?

    Well, that's because the team hasn't created any historical battle set on the late era.

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    Default Re: No late game historical battles?

    Just a quick correction. The majority of the historical battles are set after the death of Alexander the Great and cover the period leading up to the start of EB2s time period. I think it's actually quite clever how the battles set the scene for the main campaign.

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    Ipsos, Korupedion, Herakleia, Raphia, Panion, Magnesia, Kynoskephalai, Pydna would be amazing

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