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    There's nothing wrong with that. I am just highlighting that's what you gotta do if you wish to incorporate a skirmishing core in your army. Either levy Akontistai/Euzenoi from multiple city states, or go for (better) foreign/mercenary options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuintusSertorius View Post
    As already mentioned, they're standing in for Ligurian slingers all over the place.

    They become more common after the Celtic Twilight reform, because Celtic cavalry got heavier.

    They're an alternative to Eporeda Akus in Belgic settlements, thus have their numbers. The high availability of cavalry for Celtic factions is intended.

    They only appear in one-point pools, where they aren't retrain only. They're also doubling up as Punic settlers in specific places, like Shardin.

    Is this for KH, you're talking about?
    Balearic slingers: I tried to avoid the confusion, I'm not talking about the stand in for the Ligurian slingers. I'm talking about the large number of recruitable Balearic slingers, especially in Spain. You can easily recruit 3, 4, and even 5 (in Qart Hadast in Iberia). That's the problem. I think I read somewhere that an ancient author (might have been Pliny, who writes at a later time but the idea still holds) that the Balearic Islands populations was maybe 30,000, so realistically a few thousand slingers could be recruited at most. I can recruit at least a stack of Balearic slingers in a couple turns by the late game if I have most of the Iberian settlements. That is obviously a not good. Balearic slingers at the very least should restricted to 1 in most settlements they are recruited in (maybe 2 for the islands themselves), which puts it in line with other slingers. Even better, they should restricted to only the Balearic Islands or a few other settlements to make their scarce.

    Celtic Noble Cav: They are common before the Twilight reform, with 2 recruitable from a confederacy after the Riders reform. In fact, I think they are recruitable in the Belgic allied states (not client state) after the Riders reform, not the late/twilight reform. Even in the late game with a confederacy, I think there should only be 1. This makes you draw cavalry from those allied states.

    Belgic cavalry: As far as I know, only one Belgic settlement (Batumacos) with an allied state (not client state) can recruit them. Autrikon (perhaps not treated as completely Belgic, but has other Belgic units) has Eporeda Akus, and Nemetokena has Uergepades. In that one settlement, they have more than the numbers of Eporeda Akus. With an allied government, there are 2 Eporeda Akus in Autrikon vs 3 Belgic cavalry in Batumacos.

    Liby-Phoenician Infantry: I don't know what you mean by 1 point pools. You can have 2 units in a pool in the core African provinces + Lilubim once you get a large settler colony.

    Elite Hoplites: Yes, this for KH. By year 188 which is effectively the later game, I can crank out 2 from pretty much every hellenic settlement. I can recruit 2 elites in Memphis (isn't even a truly hellenic settlement), Kyrene, Epidamnos, Side, etc.. In Kyrene, I can only recruit 1 unit of normal hoplites but 2 elites. This is because I can make most settlements a Greek league member state. This means I can make armies completely out of Elites, and it's been one of the easier late games I've ever had because of it. They need to be restricted in some way.

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