I have been exploring the new title system introduced by the recent DLC/patch.
The title system is fascinating; yet I am not entirely satisfied with salaries corresponding to some of the titles, as well as the prerequisites for unlocking them.
Most of the salaries are 100, which are quite fine. However, he later titles such as General-Who-Calms-Waves, and comparable titles on the same level, cost 400. That's a bit too much. Additionally, the triggers required for some titles are too undemanding: e.g. a character becomes available for appointment to Patrol Commander after winning just one battle.
Adding to the frustration is the fact that some of the great mods I am using have already done the modification - in a way that sets things more out of whack, as some late titles have their salaries jacked up to over 2000 (which is day-light robbery!)
Therefore I am really urgently looking to find my own way of adjusting the title salaries & qualification thresholds. (I have been using PFM and RPFM for ages and am no stranger to basic modding).
The surprise is I hit a stonewall here. Nowhere can I find any information as to the location of the data concerning titles. I searched through the entire DB folder, not a single sub-folder strikes me as pertaining to the title feature. (The pack file of the mod that clearly has modified titles contains too many files under DB, an exhaustive search there yields no clues as well). At long last, , there seems to be a faint cue - according to a text file that sets the in-game names for the titles, the titles are connected to the key: ceo_nodes_title_3k_dlc05_ancillary_title_XXX
Unfortunately, upon checking through every CEO related data file under DB, I find nothing relevant.
For those more versed in modding - does anyone know anything about the title system? Could anyone help me locate the file that contains the values for the salaries and triggers for appointment with respect to the titles??
Millions of thanks!!!!!!