Hello,I got my new 2060super last week, and starting to play Three kingdoms Total War, but when I run benchmark, I got black stripe flickering on my screen.
The flickering appears in Ultra quality with ultra unit size about 100%. Even medium quality with ultra unit size, it still appears. but It rarely occured in Ultra default sets.

I noticed that all flickering fast like a lightning, most of them appears in the similar time, 1:22s or 1:24s
I test Driver 441.66/442.19/445.87 and two DP lines. and 3D Mark time spy/Fire Strike series test is ok. TSE/TS/FS/FSE Stress more than 98%.
I tried to use MSI Afterburner to down the core and vram frequency to the lowest, it doesn't working, Is that means my cards damaged? or this is a bug?

and still have some odd flickering when playing the game.