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    How does one bring back the forts into the game? Playing as Rome would love to have border forts across my empire.

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    It's far from perfect but you could always integrate these files into your game. It probably needs adjusted but it could work.

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    You simply need to edit the 'descr_campaign_db' file in the eb2 data file, changing 'destroy_empty_forts bool = "false"' to 'destroy_empty_forts bool = "true" and 'can_build_forts bool="false"' to 'can_build_forts bool="true"'.

    I also like to edit the 'fort_cost' in the 'descr_cultures' file in the eb2 data file to make the forts free to build.

    There can be issues when building forts with the wonders 'moving' around the map. This has been discussed previously on the forums and i am sure with a quick search you would be able to find the relevant discussion.

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