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Thread: Raise dead vs Recruits undead for Vampire

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    Default Raise dead vs Recruits undead for Vampire

    From there

    This is a general discussion about these mechanism, from a gameplay / lore perspective.

    Just for the context, in SWO-RD, my mod, I will soon start working on the Vampire Counts.

    And their units can be recruited in 3 different ways:
    - Via recruitment building, in a "core" undead region such as Sylvania : type 1
    - Via recruitment building, in any region : type 2
    - Via the campaign raise dead mechanism : type 3.

    Type 1 units will be stronger than type 2 (more skeletons per units, higher attack/Defense or leadership). And despite being weaker, type 2 are most costly. The goal is to give more importance to core regions than others.

    Now, the question is : how should type 3 units be compared to the other 2?

    Should unit raised with the campaign "raise dead" mechanism be stronger/weaker than the units recruited via a building?
    Should they have a different cost./ upkeep?

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    Default Re: Raise dead vs Recruits undead for Vampire

    Well, while most of my lore comes from the games and some wiki-reading on late nights I'd say lore-wise isn't necessary to discuss this. I hope

    I'm not 100% sure on how the raise dead mechanic works but I believe it is related to the number of casualties in a battle. Stronger units come from larger battles where stronger units have died, and since it's straight off the battlefield they could perhaps cost less, but have a higher upkeep as they're "fresher" and more effort is required to stop them from decaying, if that makes any sense. As for balancing them stat-wise I'm not sure, it really depends on how much of your army will be made up of raised units and thus how they'll stack up against other factions. One option would be to therefore focus on the economic side of it (with the higher upkeep) rather than affecting the stats? Again, it's a matter of balancing.
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