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Thread: How to face doomstacks at turn 17?

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    Default How to face doomstacks at turn 17?

    I understand Gondor campaign is supposed to be hard but this is just ridiculous. If you rush Mordor they send doomstacks right away, but if you wait then they will snowball and get very powerful in the mid and late game. I guess you're meant to feel like you're fighting a losing battle to match the lore, but you also don't have the benefit of Rohan or Army of the Dead scripts to come and save your ass. I guess my question is are there any up to date Gondor strategy guides?

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    Default Re: How to face doomstacks at turn 17?

    This is Divide and Conquer, right?

    Since the moderators deleted DAC subforums, there is no place for players to post.
    I think you should join DAC in Discord and ask there.

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    Default Re: How to face doomstacks at turn 17?


    As you can see HERE, DAC V4.x and any future version of that mod that does not involve installing Third Age Total War is no longer allowed on this site. This includes discussing the mentioned versions.

    I think I can safely state here that nobody is pleased by the turn of events that lead to this situation, regardless if they are for or against the action taken by TWC.

    If you want to discuss the decision to remove DAC 4.x from this site itself, this is not the place to do that, go HERE instead. Any threads started in this forum about this subject will be closed, or deleted.

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