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Thread: Discussion about DAC 4.x versions

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    Default Discussion about DAC 4.x versions

    As you can see HERE, DAC V4.x and any future version of that mod that does not involve installing Third Age Total War is no longer allowed on this site. This includes discussing the mentioned versions.

    I think I can safely state here that nobody is pleased by the turn of events that lead to this situation, regardless if they are for or against the action taken by TWC.

    If you want to discuss the decision to remove DAC 4.x from this site itself, this is not the place to do that, go HERE instead. Any threads started in this forum about this subject will be closed, or deleted.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

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    May 09-2020 : The discussion which is linked to in the above message has been closed. I will leave the link for those that for some reason wish to visit it anyway.
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