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Thread: Accent issues

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    Default Accent issues

    Today I spent some time trying to adapt the DLV Sound Mod for SSHIP. The seemingly only mod-specific file I found was data\world\maps\base\desct_sound_music_types, in which I replaced the region and faction names according to the ones present in SSHIP. I moved this file along with all the others from the DLV submod (descr_sounds, descr_sounds_events, descr_sounds_generic, descr_sounds_music, descr_sounds_units_anims, some ambient sounds and the music and events .dats and .idxs), to my SSHIP install. Then, I deleted the .dat and .idx files in data\sounds.

    When I started the campaign, the music worked as intended, however, the accents were messed up (e. g. the English used Arabic but the Scottish English, even though both are set in descr_sounds_accents to use the English accent), which is kind of surprising considering the fact that the submod doesn't contain its own descr_sounds_accents. The problem persisted after deleting voice.dat and voice.idx, while doing so with the events files would also reset the music.

    Any ideas on how this problem can be dealt with?
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    Default Re: Accent issues

    Please, for modding related question, go to the Workshop
    We unfortunately don't have the time to answer to these questions not directly related to SSHIP and there are plenty tutorials, resources and tools in the Workshop as people willing to help as well.
    Thanks for your understanding
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