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    This mod came up from the need to significantly improve the game's graphics. I took based on constant editions made in the "Napoleon Graphics for Empire" created by Bran Mac Born and that thing was taking an increasingly complex course... so this version has focus on originality and does not change the base of Vanilla, which eliminates the possibility of bugs and corrupted files. It also does not prevent multiplayer matches against ordinary Vanilla users...

    It is a simple compilation of the best what I found here at Total War Center. I have almost 300 hours of gameplay with it and no bugs. It is very well adapted for simple notebooks too and I am extremely grateful to all original authors, where I put myself only in the role of editor for polish their works. Thanks to all the creators who allowed this simple edition:

    Bran Mac Born
    Herr Doctor
    Bavarian Grenadier
    General Andy
    Pike Stance

    All changes can be seen here -> ULTIMA RATIO

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    Well done on the release Miltonr! +rep

    If you like, feel free to post an announcement about your mod in this thread, and word will get spread around the forum a bit. You can also apply for a feature on the Front Page.
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    Excellent work, fired up Empire for the first time in ages and your mod makes it look great.

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    Thank you guys! I closed the edition with the latest version called Black Label and includes new opening scene and a new background menu... Anyway, there are other minor details but I honestly don't remember! I changed a lot during this quarantine time .

    If anyone notices errors, bugs or anything, just report it here...

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