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Thread: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

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    Default [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    Druidic training is a fantastic way of your Celtic family members learning necromancy, thus becoming better generals. However, it requires staying inside settlements for extended periods of time. As a result, your family members will likely acquire the Supervisor trait, which makes them ill-suited for campaigning. Is there a workaround for this, or is this already handled by the trait system?

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    I never had that issue because I am picky with who leads my armies. The mininum is that they are Kingetos.
    Epas is much more prefferable. By the time a FM reaches Epas rank, he will also develop Headhunter, Fierce and other nice war related traits.

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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    Awesome, so you're saying that being a Kingetos would prevent a family member from becoming a Supervisor? On a side note my faction heir, who is S/C/L, had unfortunately become a Weak Kingetos due to cowardly quashing small rebel stacks with his uber-army, but after a few turns of raiding apparently redeemed himself and attained Kingetos.

    Also, may I ask if the second stage of Druidic training (15 years!) activates for a family member if he re-enters the same city he studied for his first stage? Like if he passed the first stage at Streuntia, campaigned a bit, then returned. Reason is that I want my faction heir to go on a druidic journey AND undergo tribal education concurrently. A study abroad haha. Thing is I really don't want the second druidic training stage to activate. The faction leader is about to die soon and I can't risk his initially low-Authority successor to be stuck in Streuntia for 60 turns.

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    I'm saying that by the time you reach Epas status, you will also acquire a considerable number of other war related traits. With Epas and those other traits, you will have a capable commander in any case

    Druidic journey is not a tier of the druid trait line. It is a separate trait which you can acquire after the initial druidic training (it does not matter if the initial training was successful or not, you can still go on the journey). Consider it an optional sidequest
    I actually never sent my FMs to the druidic journey. I considered it a waste of time because the main druidic trait line is awesome on its own.

    Yes, you can activate the second stage of druidic training in the same city, you just need to exit it, spend your movement points, re-enter it and then wait for the training to start. You can have druidic and tribal training at the same time.

    EDIT: Just wanna mention that tribal training can only be done in the initial capital of the faction, methinks.
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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    Thanks for the clarification! One final question: the script regarding the second stage of druidic training mentions movement points being below 75% for it to activate. Does that mean that if I want my FM to ONLY pursue tribal education and druidic journey and NOT the second stage of druidic training, I have to carefully end the FM's turn right outside Streuntia, then have him enter Struentia the very next turn so that his movement points is above 75%? Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Looking forward to sending my FH to the Boii Study Abroad Program!

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    Druidic Training doesn't seem to give supervisor at all from what I managed to gather from diving in the trait files (I am rusty though, could have missed something). Maybe the anciliaries do, I am not sure.

    The most likely reasons your druid hopefuls are becoming supervisors are because they are governing the settlement without low taxes (Humanitarian is a decent governor, and lose very little in the way of battlefield potential), or because you have a Temple of Governors in the settlement. Try having a Temple of Battle or even better, a Temple of Forge there instead. You will acquire much better traits (and in the later case, ancillaries).

    Edit: Regarding Epas, sure, it is a pretty good trait. Having a great general with great Command and giving morale bonuses to all your army is great. Thing is, any faction can do that. As well as any faction can raise an elite Celtic army about as well (specially regarding Gauls) as well as the Celts can.

    The only asset that Celts can actually bring to the battlefield are the Druids. You can have a great Roman general leading a legion worth of Retainers from Gaul (easily acquirable from Closely Allied Democracies), and he would match the simple Epas fairly well.

    But nobody else can come out of a pitched battle between two elite armies, losing over half of their army in the battlefield, and have nearly all of them return from the dead as Ardroikos + Druidic Surgeon + Cirurgion combo can. This is the actual reason to play Celts.
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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    I love the druid traits, but they're just a part of the experience for me. Kingetos/Epas, the mercenary service, the fostering traits, being a political hostage, becoming a confederate, the headhunting, Gargos etc... there's a lot of stuff for a FM to do!
    To the folks who researched and implemented those traits... well done!

    p.s. Yeah, you can pretty much get the entire Celtic roster with other factions. As Carthage, I regularly conquered southern Gaul to get levies.
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    Gauls are REALLY not much better recruiting their own roster than others. In fact I had to implement lots of allied governments in my heartlands to avoid Authority penalties from too many Confederations and the other factional governments were just garbage in there. The Gauls only shine OUTSIDE their heartlands because they can get SOME of their elites outside with Migrations and Allied States. It is really not much.

    Other than the quite enjoyable experience of raising your generals to be the best they can be, the only de-facto benefit Gauls bring to the table is the Druids. Exception, of course, being the Boii (colonies will crank out elites) and maybe the Pritanoi getting better recruitment (than Allied Democracy/Oligarchy) in Celtic lands with their Migration and Allied States.

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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    They are worse at recruiting some of their troops. If I remember correctly, as Carthage, I managed to have a bigger pool of Celtic light cavalry in Massalia (combination of punic cleruchy and colony) than as the Arverni in their home province.

    Their strategic position and their trait line is what makes them interesting. It's great for role playing.

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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    Yep, the Celtic trait system is fun as hell for roleplaying until the game designates a non-primary ethnicity FM as your faction heir, thereby excluding him from faction-specific education. I honestly wouldn't mind if my FH rebelled due to being rejected by Boii School, and embarked on a genocidal rampage kinda like Hitler being rejected by art school

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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    In my Arverni campaign, I had an overwhelming majority of Arverni FMs. The only other tribes appearing in the family tree were the Bituriges and the Allobroges, but even together they were a minority.

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    Default Re: [Boii] Druidic Training without acquiring Supervisor?

    One way to avoid getting Supervisor despite initiating Druidic Training is to have the trainee wait outside the settlement while his training completes. Naturally, I'd only recommend this for Uatis training and Pilgrimage to Belerion rather than full Druidic training. If you're going to sit an FM down in a settlement for a big chunk of his lifespan, you might as well just let him be a Supervisor.

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