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    Default Help regarding UI cards

    Hi this is my first thread and a first post on this forum.

    I am fiddling with game files and making a mod of my own by using the already avaible game files

    I am having a problem regarding my newly made units "barbarian spearman", since i do not have ui cards for them, and my photoshop skills are pretty bad, if someone could make me
    ui/units card
    ui/units-info card

    for these units, i would be grateful till death to them

    texture/model_flexi/sprites i used are:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    type warband_spearmanskeleton fs_spearman
    indiv_range 40
    texture britons, data/models_unit/textures/unit_barb_warband_briton_.tga
    texture gauls, data/models_unit/textures/unit_barb_warband_gaul_.tga
    texture germans, data/models_unit/textures/unit_barb_warband_german_.tga
    texture dacia, data/models_unit/textures/unit_barb_warband_dacia_.tga
    texture scythia, data/models_unit/textures/unit_barb_warband_scythia_.tga
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_warband_cavalry_high.cas, 8
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_warband_cavalry_med.cas, 15
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_warband_cavalry_low.cas, 30
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_warband_cavalry_lowest.cas, max
    model_sprite scythia, 60.0, data/sprites/scythia_warband_spearman_sprite.spr
    model_sprite dacia, 60.0, data/sprites/dacia_warband_spearman_sprite.spr
    model_sprite germans, 60.0, data/sprites/germans_warband_spearman_sprite.spr
    model_sprite gauls, 60.0, data/sprites/gauls_warband_spearman_sprite.spr
    model_sprite britons, 60.0, data/sprites/britons_warband_spearman_sprite.spr

    If anyone wants to help, please reach out to me.
    I would be really gratefull, and i could provide some ui cards of new generic-looking units
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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    If you have modified the look of this unit, you will need to share the CAS file and the TGA.DDS texture file to make a new UIs on 3dsMax. If you didnt modify the look of this unit, you could use the UIs that already exists.

    Anyway, if you want to continuing with your modifications, my advice is to learn how to do it following some tutorials. Actually is very simple.

    Yo can begin with this one:


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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    Hello Solon,

    Thank you for introducing me to such a program, it will help me A LOT, especially now.

    Regarding my unit for which i need UI card, i didn't modify it. i just took textures and cas. files from game itself
    I dismounted barbarian cavalry, so that i can get spearmen, and now i will mount swordsman, for giving flexibility to barbarians.

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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    Yep, in case that you are dismounting a spearmen, you will need to make a new unit card. As well about the mounted swordman. (Try to get first a good UI for dismounted unit because mounted ones are a little bit more complicate, but not so much...)

    However, try to follow this tutorial and tell me if you have any problem. In case that is not possible to you I can make the UI or help you to fix your problems.

    Kind regards


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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    Hi Solon,

    I am proud to announce that my UI cards are made, and here are results:

    However, i am having issues with Roman Senate button,

    I edited the sharedpage_01 and stratpage_02 and changed roman_senate symbol to red sarmatian, however game doesn't register it.

    Even when i change the number of logo_index and small_logo_index number it still shows roman_senate symbol instead of mine.

    Any thoughts or advice?

    Kind regards.

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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    Yep... I think that some files related with interface symbols are packed on files pak format.

    You will need to download Xpak extractor and unpack/repack the files that you want to change. The reason why you modify these files and it has no effect is because everything that is packed there it has preference (in some internal hierarchy) to be charged by the RTW engine. So the only way to apply your change will be unpacking these files and repack the gruop whithout them or including them but already modified.

    Im using a little trick to do not have any packed file on RTRA III to avoid this annoying proccess. I will explain to you soon...

    --- EDITED

    By the way, it can be a little bit tricky to modify Senate faction. Unless that you want to get problems and CTDs related with other romas faction you should change the romans_senate internal name. Otherwise, I recommed modding other roman faction like brutti, scippi or julii.

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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    I tried editing other faction symbols as well, and nothing happens, how do i repack back files, and can it lead to a CTD or other error?

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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    Sorry, I have forgoten this thread.

    Im going to give you the solution to your problem allowing you to work wition with all the game files and forgetting about the annoying procces of unpack/repack files...

    First, make a backup of the modified files of your mod and install a fresh copy of Rome Total war.

    Next, paste and overwrite your new RTW instalation with this patch that Im sending to you.

    Finally, copy all the modified files of your mod and you will see how it is working and you can forget about the problem.

    What I made is unpack properly all the packed files and copy them to your data, and providing you a pak files with nothing inside. Now, all the files of the game are accesible to you to modify how you consider better.

    Download link:

    I hope that is helpful.


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    Default Re: Help regarding UI cards

    Thank you, i will try this and see how it goes

    Honestly im soo caught up with studies that i dont have spare time to mod RTW, and i am half finished on factions. I also forgott about this thread but i will be right back on track

    Thank you for your help

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