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Thread: Core/Homeland (and other) province guide?

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    Default Core/Homeland (and other) province guide?

    I've read player guide, but it doesn't contain tha type of info. Is there any guide where I can find which province is core/homeland province for some faction? Something like Homeland in EB1. I am playing Aedui and wonders what type of government should I install for each province to be able to build best buildings (*) and to have the best possibilities to recruit faction troops - or best troops in general, faction or local. I have Alied City and Migration (and Client State) to choose and I am not sure what the difference is and which one is better.

    I searched Google and this forum, but couldn't find anything. Please delete this thread and PM me if I am missing something.

    (*) - and I am aware that Confederation took 1 authority point.

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    For the two Gallic factions, the core should be Gaul minus the Belgic lands (Allied city rules there). Not sure about Aquitania. However, your culture needs to reach 75% for you to be able to establish a Confederation government. Allied city is fine until then. However, be aware that each new Confederation lowers the Authority of the Faction Leader by one point.

    Migration is good for regions outside of Gaul if you want to recruit a mix of core and local units. I did not feel I needed that too much, so I only built a Migration in Liguria. The rest of my out-of-core conquests were followed by Protectorates and Allied Oligarchies/Democracies.

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