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Thread: State of the mod and campaign?

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    Default State of the mod and campaign?

    Just wondering what the state of this mod is regarding a Grand Campaign is, in players experience.

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    Default Re: State of the mod and campaign?

    Early but very playable, especially with the ever expanding Mugens mod.

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    Default Re: State of the mod and campaign?

    I remember reading about an update for the end of this month or the beginning of next. Is that still the case?
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    Default Re: State of the mod and campaign?

    That seems doubtful for the moment considering some lack of manpower, but the majority of the new content is finished. Some more features need to be implemented and the whole thing needs to be tested, but the tough part is pretty much over and done with. I do expect we'll have testing at least started by next month, but even that I can't promise for now.

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    Default Re: State of the mod and campaign?

    Which factions have rosters that are more or less complete right now?

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