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Thread: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

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    Default SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)


    Three Dragons is an overhaul mod is a combined effort of various DeI and SFO team members.

    Our goal is to make this game more historically authentic and fun experience.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - tweaked battle camera for both higher and lower view

    - changed how weather impacts visibility on the battlefield – fighting in heavy fog and with multiple armies might provide quite a bit surprises

    - updated visuals for certain units

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -salaries – Salaries reduced for characters without a government position

    -replenishment – Dragon and Palace Guard units have penalties to replenishment like Imperial units

    -redeployment – redeployment cost is heavily discounted by basic military branch reforms. It should be a much cheaper option to deploy existing troops than to recruit new ones.

    -administrators – main settlement branches now grant an administrator slot, so every commandery should have an administrator

    -ministers – most minister positions have new effects that scale with character level (Sun Ce mechanic)

    -rebuilt reform tree – Han reform tree has been rebalanced:

    -add more risk/reward to choosing reform branches – bonuses can come with downsides

    -reform effects should therefore be more impactful

    -reform effects will be more thematically tied to the reform description

    -more infrastructure requirements for certain reform branches

    -recruitment changes:

    -heavier emphasis on military branch for unlocks

    -infrastructure requirement for reforms means need both infrastructure & reforms for units

    -Dragon units now only recruitable by their associated element

    - fixed autoresolve calculation to take unit quality more into account than amount of missile units or sheer numbers

    - Oversee Region – new stance that replaces Double March; order you commander to spread his troops across province to boost Public Order, decrease build cost and construction time while taking all movement points; be aware…not all commanders will be happy to be relegated to such mundane tasks

    - slight increase to build cost and construction time

    - reworked all unit prices and upkeep

    - last two city tiers are now more viable options

    - reworked unit size – militia and peasant units have higher man count than regular and elite units

    - adjusted bonuses from equipment and characters to better play along with new stats

    - slightly lowered Public Order penalties for very high population in cities, this makes them more viable to expand after 8th city level

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - reworked how duel outcomes impact battle – while effects are heavily toned down, they last for longer
    - tweaked hero/general abilities and skills to more reasonable amounts, creating a bit tougher challenge in late game due to less overpowered character builds
    - improved durability and provided more standard unit size to generals bodyguard

    Cavalry Grades:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Instead of typical light/medium/heavy – cavalry performance is linked more to type and quality of horses used by soldiers to better reflect history

    - Common horse – cheap, poor quality animal, it is slow and has low mass, used by militia grade units

    - Trained horse – standard quality animal, decent speed and mass; used by regular cavalry regiments

    - Steppe horse – effective and easy to maintain, very good speed but low mass, used by Nomadic units

    - Noble horse – elegant and of large stature, it has very good speed and high mass; used by more elite cavalry units

    - Noble Armoured horse – speed is sacrificed for even higher mass and additional protection, used by elite cavalry units

    - Noble Cataphract horse – lowest speed of all cavalry units, which makes up with being fully armoured

    - Heavenly Cataphract horse – largest and rarest animals imported from distant lands, able to rider over any opposition

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - kill animations enabled for regular units

    - every single combat stats has been changed!

    - unit gain strength mostly through experience rather than through commander/tech/building buffs

    - added passive “Retreat” ability to all units; once unit routs it gets 25% speed bonus but -25% armour penalty

    - Yellow Turban units gain passive “Zeal” ability; it increases stats of YT units when their morale is high but lowers them if morale goes down – this represents religious fervor of combatants that lack proper military training; puts higher emphasis on various support units of Yellow Turbans

    - reworked fatigue system – it takes much longer to tire units down but penalties are increased – this helps with AI fatigue management and makes system more important than having every unit exhausted after 1-2 minutes of melee

    - reworked morale system – units will react more to overall situation on the battlefield, while it takes longer times to get units broken due to casualties, you should not see nearly destroyed regiments constantly coming back from rout

    - AI cavalry will try to constantly cycle charge and remain in melee with infantry only for few seconds

    - unit mass reworked, there will be a noticeable difference if light cavalry slams into light or heavy infantry

    - cavalry charge is less likely to have “bowling ball” effects when charging into stationary or braced units for more realistic depiction
    - cavalry will refuse to charge into braced units with charge negation/charge reflector, with only few horses running into infantry formation – this adds more realism while also makes AI cavalry less suicidal

    - bigger emphasis is put into melee combat, lowered important of ranged combat

    - changed effects of deployables; caltrops are meant to slow down enemies and lower their charge bonus rather than kill dozens of units

    - tweaked spacing values for a bit more combat formations

    - horse archers are unable to use flaming arrows

    - reworked formation bonuses

    - removed shield armour as a stat – shields provide melee protection and missile block chance

    - added “Bonus vs Cavalry” to unit stats

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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here.

    There's a whole host of changes currently in the works, from further reform overhauls, to a completely new building system, new units, additional offices and titles, an extensive changes to records mode, a more historical startpos, and much more. Let us know what you think of the mod so far!

    Also, if anyone would like to help out, please let us know!
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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Awesome work KAM and zoner! +reps

    I strongly suggest you post an Announcement here so that word can be spread around the forum (feel free to message the News Team for a Front Page and/or Twitter Announcement too, though they check all Announcements and decide which ones to copy automatically; this seems like a big one, and they'll probably be in touch ).
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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Ooh, brilliant work guys!
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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Now I'm almost tempted to get three kingdoms

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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Just started trying this as multiplayer co-op campaign - looking good so far

    Working out the way around the reform tree is certainly poses a lot more interesting dilemas!

    One silly question - are crossbowmen still recruitable?

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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Yes! Glad this is being kept up.

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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Quote Originally Posted by makanyane View Post
    Just started trying this as multiplayer co-op campaign - looking good so far

    Working out the way around the reform tree is certainly poses a lot more interesting dilemas!

    One silly question - are crossbowmen still recruitable?
    Should be once you get the Garrison Conscripts reform.
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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    Quote Originally Posted by zoner16 View Post
    Should be once you get the Garrison Conscripts reform.
    Thanks, I should have come back and said I had actually found them eventually

    It makes much more sense having more of the recruitment linked to the military reforms - I was just too used to Archers = Blue etc (and ignoring most of the red zone) to spot them.

    We're still playing this and enjoying it - battles are definitely more challenging and I can't steal a "pyrrhic victory" from a predicted "valiant defeat" against the AI any more...

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    Default Re: SFO: Three Dragons (Updated 04.18.2020)

    New update up now:

    • Created new, stronger initial retinues for generated characters
    • Changed recruitment rules to no longer have dual reform requirements. Now, specific units have a reform and a building requirement. These will show up properly on the tooltip
    • Lowered the AI's valuing of peasant units
    • Decreased threshold for adulthood to accurately match Han dynasty norms
    • Increased chance of having children
    • Decreased loyalty decay and scaling from the desire for a higher position
    • Increased both temporary morale penalty of losing a battle and temporary morale reward from winning a battle
    • Decreased base replenishment
    • Fixed bug that caused huge replenishment post-battle
    • Convalescence time for units changed to four turns for units and three turns for characters
    • Increased unit experience penalty from casualties
    • Added unit caps for palace guard and imperial units
    • Reduced bonuses from ministers
    • Fixed issue causing minister positions to grant vastly overpowered bonuses with high-level characters
    • Reduced income and anti-corruption effects from administrators
    • Ranged damage increase for higher tier units
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