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    I've been trying to make a simple mod to change Lü Bu's starting rank. Lü Bu is cool and gets access to some interesting skills, but his starting rank is so high that I don't feel like I've earnt any of them. I'd enjoy playing with him much more if I was able to lower his starting rank and earn experience to level up, same as with other heroes.

    I've tried editing 'min rank' and 'max rank' in "character_generation_template_game_mode_details_tables" but that hasn't worked. So beyond that I'm a bit stumped.

    Can anyone please teach me how to make this edit?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Editing Character Starting Rank

    That table only works for characters that have yet to spawn into the game state, i.e. yet to be generated. Since Lu Bu is already present at start of the game, you have to modify either startpos or ceos I believe.

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    Thank you for the response!

    Would that still apply if I used something like The Gathering mod to force_kill him and then spawn a new Lü Bu? Presumably the db table edits would work then?

    That said, any directions people might be able to give me for making the necessary edits to startpos/ceos would be very welcome!

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