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    hello guys.

    after turning one conquered city, i made it a roman allied state. the building description says i can recruit a client ruler. but it seems i cannot. there is not option in the recruitment slots. it also says i must do it before turning the allied state into a democracy or an oligarchy.

    anyone has any clue how can i recruit the client ruler? thanks

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    Default Re: recruiting client rulers

    Well the recruitment system works so I don't know why you weren't able to. Did you have enough money?

    What was the city where that happened?

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    I find that sometimes the Client Ruler recruitment bugs out. You can demolish the current Allied State building, then use process_cq <settlement name> to rebuild the Allied State. Hopefully that should fix it.

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    Did you enslave the settlement when you took it? You may have zero'd the recruitment pool, which will take a long time for the Client Ruler unit to re-appear if that happened.

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    If there is existing allied state, you have to destroy the building. Then start the new allied state tree. You can create at the Level 2 of that building (before the choice of Oligarchy vs. Democracy). That is the only time you can recruit the Client Ruler I think.

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