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    Due to the Lockdown, i had time and muse to pick up this excellent mod again, and i had a blast so far. Ive recently reached 85 provinces, the trigger for the great Roman Civil War. Thrre turns later im down to 35 provinces, my economy is in shambles and im fighting doomstack after doomstack and get the feeling as soon as i defeat one, the rebels get another one for free. I tried to take Carthage back, defeated two legions and laid siege to the city, only for a fullstack of auxiliar units to appear right next to the city. To make my rambling more coherent, i guess my questions are:

    How do you prepare for the civil war? My treasury was something like 250.000 when the rebellion began. Is that not enough/should i wait fore a few turns before taking my 85 settlement to grow my warchest?

    At what point will the rebells stop spawn free fullstacks? I understand they need something to work with in the beginning, but right now it just seems excessiv in my eyes.

    Is Rome of significant importance during the Rebellion? Should i make recapturing it my priority?

    And lastly, another thing i noticed that has nothing to do with the civil war, i noticed at the end of each turn something like 10-20% of my treasury just vanishes? Its not detailed in the economytab, anyone knows what that might be? Thanks for your asnwers in advance, and thanks for the RS Modteam for this awesome modification!

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    Oh the civil war, that was one of my best moments in all the mods I player so far. Not only did I lost plenty of cities, including most of Italy and Africa but I also lost my two best Generals with their armies. One of the funniest thing was that my third best General was a guy named Cesar and he became the Faction Leader in the end, as the new Emperor.

    The civil war hits you hard and for some turns you don't know who to trust, you will lose many cities and armies but in order to win you need to focus first on keeping the cities that remain under your control, start building armies, defeat the enemy armies that start to attack you and resist. Eventually, battle after battle you will prevail over the AI and reconquer all the lost territory.

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    The balance of the mod is a bit off in my opinion to the point where I actually can't play anymore, I just can't make sense of where the armies come from and the script taking money so your budget doesn't line up. I'd love a submod that drastically reduces the impact of the script on stacks/money

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    @assassine one thing you can do is to slow down your expansion, stop your wars temporarily and expand your exterior provinces but a safe/simple thing to do is keep some armies on board fleets so they can quickly move in to take back your territory.

    NB:Oh and not wanting to rub salt into the wound, there is a 3rd rebellion to come later(providing you survive the 2nd ofc) to represent the civil wars of Caesar/Pompey¬Anthony/Octavian¬Brutus/Cassius as well as Octavian/Anthony and the year of the 4 Emperors...just sayin'
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