We had yesterday AMA with CA about 3K, there were again some nice pieces of info

Q:The Yellow Turban factions' (He Yi, Gong Du, and Huang Shao) skill trees, retinue setup, and faction progression seem very muddled and a bit all-over-the-place, but more importantly they feel like a missed opportunity to create a faction that plays totally unlike anything seen in previous Total War games. Are there any plans to rework the Yellow Turbans at some point in the future, similar to the Bandit Rework?
A:Our focus at the moment is both on bug fixing in the upcoming patch and adding more content to the game with the Nanman DLC that is next up.

Q:Records Mode feels like the unloved stepchild of 3K and is practically never mentioned in patches, blog posts, or dev diaries anymore. Are there any plans to improve Records Mode, like adding more features to differentiate it more from Romance Mode, such as customizable bodyguard units for generals (like in Rome 2)?
A:The aim is that Records mode main difference from Romance mode is that the single character heroes are replaced with their bodyguard units. Beyond that and the other differences that exist between the two we're unlikely to have the two modes diverge more.

Q:Will we get generic Wood and Fire female generals at some point? They're absence is a bit odd considering we have other types of female generals as well as Wood and Fire unique characters.
A:There is no plan to add generic female wood and fire generals at the moment. Our focus for character art is on adding more legendary characters.

Q:Will notable legendary characters like Zhang Liao, Yue Jin and a few others who historically wielded two handed weapons be given access to two handed weapons in the game?
A:There are no plans at the moment to change what weapons are available for each of the character classes.

Q:Are there any plans to add gate (guan 关) battles to the game?
A:Alongside the Nanman DLC we will be adding gates to the map and making some other adjustments to the map.

Q:Is there a possibility for naval battles to be added in the game? Such as two armies fighting on ships which are locked together during combat?
A:This is unlikely to happen.

Q:Will you rework records mode to be actually more like older total war games? As in adding general abilities like rally, brace and similar skills as well as having the ability to customize your general's bodyguard type and equipment like bows changing your attack. Records mode generals feel like an afterthought that weren't given any attention after the initial release of the game, we only got a slight rework on fatigue down the line to be less rigorous.
A:Generally, aside from the difference in how heroes/generals work and the other current differences, we aim to keep Records and Romance mode to be the same.

Q:Any plans on adding drop in battles as an option for 3K or WH3? This is a nice alternative for people who don't want to commit to a coop campaign and don't want to play against the AI.
A:We have no plans to add drop-in mode, that feature has not existed since Shogun 2.

Q:make certain city battle maps more unique, like ancient capitals for example?
A:Unlikely to happen as we're focused more on adding new content, for example the gate battles that we are planning for Nanman.

Q:Will the boundaries of the map change in future DLC's? For example, going a bit further east, west, or south(or if not the boundaries actually changing, will commanderies get added to lands that are on the map but not playable like areas north and west of the Yellow River)., the areas west of Yunnan commandery, the Liaodong peninsula etc.) No need for specifics as to what will be added, just wondering if anything at all like that will happen.
A:You can have this one as technically i'd already answered it in response to another question. With Nanman we'll be adding gates to the map as well as making other adjustments to the map.

...there were some mentions like no horseback duelling, looking into how ancillaries are gained , bugfixing, early game salary problems for AI factions with too many characters causing them to be fired...

Biggest info from all of this is for me comfirmation that next DLC is Nanman and will feature some map changes.