I'm on turn 60-80, can't remember. Most of my settlements are yellow/green on growth build policy/low/normal tax rate. Pop. growth is 1-1.5% in all settlements on average. Then I press end turn and a scripted event comes up called Amkarian Uprising or something like that, it talks about how some rebels had an uprising and are flying the banners of Epirus once again or something, (cos Epirus was knocked out in my campaign). After that instantly all my settlements are extremely happy with 5% pop. growth, you can turn taxes all the way up and leave them with zero garrison and it will still be green with at least 3% pop. growth. If you check the settlement details tab, a LOT of things are flashing, particularly public order, the way they do as if you have a lot of buildings queued to be built. Obv this makes it way too easy and takes all the fun out of the game
Has anyone had this glitch before?
How do I fix it? I have 2 saves from before it happened, but if I go back to them it happens again as soon as I get the scripted event.