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Thread: Juridistiction of Praefectus Primus

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    Default Re: Juridistiction of Praefectus Primus

    I will post this here and in the VonC thread.


    Let's get down to business then.

    I did indeed ask that, in case I was unable to do so on time, the Consul election threads be taken care of as to not delay the election. This does not specifically fall under the praefects to do; they are to do so in the case of a vacant consulship only. I am not sure it would be considered vacant if I went over my election term time limit without a new election taking place, so the letter of the law here is not quite followed on point, but in the spirit of the law, the intent was to ensure the election was not missed if I could not make it to my computer in time to do so myself, and if the censors were not active to do so either.

    So on a side note, perhaps a great opportunity for an amendment to the constitution for more specificity. Among other things.

    For those unaware, I posted here the reason for my absence. In short, blame COVID. Discussion between myself and praefects/censors in the Politia weeks ago was about the possibility of me not being around in time to do the elections myself. Considering I was also unsure of my current censors being around at the right time as well, it was spoken in general that it would be nice to ensure the election started on time regardless of my absence or not.

    The one extra wrench in the situation is that the consul threads were started earlier than needed. 29 March is the start date for the debate/applications, with the election meant to conclude by April 4th, which is the actual end date of my term. I believe VZ went off of prior election thread's end dates, which were different from dates posted in the Politia internal thread for organizing election dates (though should coincide with the sticked Curial Information post showing end of term dates). The last election thread was started a bit later than normal, so as to not appear to be artificially lengthening the term of my consulship, the actual election dates I had posted were: 29 March App Thread, 1 April Vote, 4 April Vote Conclude. That is the full 4 month term from last election date even though the last election Vote thread was posted a couple days late.

    All in all, a far from ideal situation, but hardly one that needs to break much in order to normalize. I cannot stop a VonC from occuring, but I've hopefully done my part to clarify, and Brew and others can proceed as they feel is necessary. Feel free to ask more if needed.

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    Default Re: Juridistiction of Praefectus Primus

    Might I suggest we continue all debate in the vonc? As to avoid multiple discussion lines.

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