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    Default [VonC] [Primus Preafectus] Van Zandt

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    Dear citizens,

    It is with heavy heart that I have decided to issue a Vote of no Confidence against Van Zandt. Van Zandt, against the rules set in the Constitution has started an Election Thread, Stopped an Election Thread and demonstrated he has no understanding of the document that is the Constitution. This has led me to conclude that Van Zandt is unfit to remain as Primus Preafectus and should be issued a vote of no confidence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Van Zandt View Post
    Hader asked me to post the election threads in his absence, as I mentioned in the application thread. Due to the circumstances he was not sure if he was going to return. The Censors have not been active and creating threads and polls is not outside the scope of the Praefects, who are full moderators of the Curia.

    Hader is still Consul as he has not been removed via absence or subject to a VONC. Since he has indicated he will return and resume his responsibilities than the decisions now lay in his court.

    Elections have been delayed before without much outcry. It seems unlikely that this delay will have any adverse impact on the process.
    I ask you citizens to pay close attention that the only rule, stipulating that the Primus Preafectus can post an election is not to be considered here. Because Hader was on-site enough not to invoke the following rule.

    Stipulations of Article II 12 If the Consul is absent (has not logged into the site) for seven days without giving a notice of absence, is absent for more than fifteen days regardless of notice, resigns, or is subject to a successful Vote of No Confidence (VoNC), they are automatically removed from office along with any appointed censors. Any decisions of the office shall be held over until a replacement is elected. When such a decision is time-limited, time from the moment the office is empty does not count towards the limit until a new Consul is elected. When the office of the Consul is empty, the Primus Praefect will organize the election of a new Consul, and assume day-to-day administration of the Curia.
    Article II stipulates the powers of each office clearly. The Censors aid the Consul in his duties, Article III says an election is the Consul's Duty. As per constitution, only a Censor would be eligible to take over said responsibility because they assist in the Curial Tasks. The Primus Preafectus has no business doing this, how good willed it may be. Article III further states that when an article is complete, it should move to vote. Something Van Zandt is also refusing to do.

    Article II
    The Consul acts as a local moderator of the Curia and is responsible for ensuring the Curia's day-to-day tasks are accomplished. Two Censors, appointed by the Consul, assist with Curial tasks and review referrals from Curial infractions.11 Magistrates review Moderation actions in the Tribunal. Praefects are the full moderators of the Curia and its related fora.7

    Article III For every election the Consul opens a thread for applications3 to the vacant position and another one for all questions and discussion4. The Administration may veto any applicant.

    Once applications are complete, the Consul opens a poll in the Curia Vote forum5. The member who receives the highest number of votes is elected to the position.6

    To summarize, Van Zandt thinks this is within his power as Primus Preafectus. It clearly is not via the Constitution. Even if every citizen here would say, this is not much of an issue and Van Zandt did good. Then he still violated to constitution, Article III by willfully not sending a complete application to vote. Which Article III stipulates. If we now do chose not to follow the Constitution, I expect you all to vote in favor of it dissolution when this VonC doesn't carry. If we forsake the rules we all made, we all can change, we all need to adhere too. Then there is no need to have them at all.
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