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Thread: Unexplained Devsastation?

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    Default Unexplained Devsastation?

    I have provinces where there are no enemy armies inside the province. But devastation is really high, like 4 devastation markers on settlement details. Even in neighbouring provinces, there are big rebel armies but they're inside their own settlements. Can they conduct over-the-border raids even if inside their own settlement? There might be other armies hidden, can hidden armies still cause devastation?

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    Which faction are you playing ?
    An army can cause devastation to a neighbouring province by standing on the frontier. Also check the map and look after grey tiles, if there is woodland tile nearby, chances are that a rebel army is hiding there. And remember that devastation take several turns to fade.

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    Default Re: Unexplained Devsastation?

    Perhaps it's natural disasters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alhoon View Post
    Perhaps it's natural disasters?
    That's a weird name for Gauls, but I like it!

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    I found out why it was happening, it was a hidden rebel stack hiding in a forest like someone said.

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    Kill it!

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    I thought it would be one hidden in a forest.

    Note the radius from Rebels sitting in place grows over time, and can spread into neighbouring provinces if left untended for long enough.

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