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    Just noticed that the game Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail has been on early access since last month. It has been created by the same team behind Ultimate General: Gettysburg (including Darth Vader, famous for pretty much saving Empire from oblivion), which generally received critical acclaim for its innovations in the strategic and tactical department, with how it focused on battle order and divisional manœuvres, so I am also hopeful for its naval counterpart. Of course, I suspect that fleet management will prove a bit trickier, while only Britain and the United States are playable, which is a bit disappointing for a fan of Bourbon France and Span, like myself, but the game is obviously still in beta.

    Personally, I'm a bit excited for Age of Sail, thanks to my interest in the time-frame and the fact that Creative Assembly has completely abandoned the maritime aspect of Total War campaigns, after having firstly ruined it in Rome II. Has anybody played it and if yes, what were her/his impressions?

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    Good find!

    Is Darth involved in this? I should send him an email at some point.
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