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Thread: What political/economical strategies did work for you when playing as Rome in the Rise of the Republic campaign?

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    Default What political/economical strategies did work for you when playing as Rome in the Rise of the Republic campaign?

    I just want to share what worked for me in the early stages in order to avoid being overwhelmed ( I read in another web site that some people who played as Rome complained that the campaing is so hard that several factions nearby declare war) in the campaign when I played as Rome:

    -Right from the first turn ( don't wait for the next turns!) get at least the non-agression pact with Tarchuna, the Sabines and the Hernici. This is vital in order to avoid being attacked by 4 factions ( Veii, Tarchuna, the Hernici and the Sabines ) in the first stage of the campaign. The idea is to fight only one opponent a the same time so that you avoid being overwhelmed. If in the first turn they reject your non-agression pact offer after hitting the button to send the offer, don't give up. Make several attempts in a row ( add a bit of money also ) in that same turn and they will accept it right in the first turn of the campaign ( In my case at least the hernici and tarchuna accepted my offer in the first turn of the campaign after sending them the offer 3 or 4 times ). Also send the non-agression pact to the Umbri in the first time they appear in the diplomacy section.

    - You should tech-rush to the third level of barracks technology right from the start in order to have access to more powerful military units in your future conquests.

    -When you already have the non-agression pact with the ones I mentioned, you can even try trading with them ( you'll get it if you insist in each turn and with a bit of money added)

    - After getting rid of the Veii faction you'll complete the first main objective of the campain. Don't attack any of the ones I mentioned yet ( watch for any rebellion to crush it ). Advance to the South. Now it is time to conquer the Volsci ( it is inevitable they will attack you ). But don't rush. Proceed with patience. First train more units until you have a full stack of army. Fight defensively first ( for example just wait for them in Ostia or in a place near your border in the ambush stance ) and go on the offensive only after fending off the first or second wave. After defeating the first wave, check with your agent if there is another volsci army ( specially if it has a full stack or nearly ) preparing to come.

    - Attack the Hernici only after completely defeating the Volsci and you'll have 3 provinces.

    - Do everything you can to at least get the non-agression, military access and trade agreement with Taras once it appears. This is just to avoid fighting both against the samnites and taras and to pass through taras lands without any diplomatic repercusions while you are fighting the samnites.

    - The next war should be against the Samnites. After getting rid of them, you'll have 4 provinces. From this point it is highly probable the the Frentani declare you war. Just be prepared.

    - Only after defeating the frentani, you can decide if you attack tarchuna or taras or the umbri or the sabines or other etruscan factions.

    Just remember guys: try even the impossible to avoid fighting 2 or more factions at the same time ( at least the factions that are near your lands )

    How was your case? Was your approach very different from me?


    In sum: These are the opponents you should deal ( one at a time ) with in this particular order:

    1- Veii
    2- Volsci
    3- Hernici
    4- Samnites
    5- Frentani ( if they declare war )

    I managed to avoid civil wars. Only one secession happened that fortunately I could crush it quickly
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