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    i'm a bit lost about this nice mod...i'd like to know the state of develop.
    i mean what factions are available (i remeber that greeks are bugged) and what is lacking.
    with which faction should i play to not get bugs?

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    Ta short summary of an player of the mod or an developer would be awesome!

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    All the factions are all in a playable state. Play the campaign and see for yourself!
    There was an update just a week or so ago, It is being actively worked on right now!
    All of the little niggles, bugs, errors and buggerups are being patched up, and new content is being added constantly!
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    this is a great news!!

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    Wonderful, I thought this was no longer being worked on...I'd always hoped for a DeI-esque mod on Atilla as it's really a much better base game. Who is working on it?

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    I can't give you much info on the mod team... but I am a DeI player and I LOVE the new Attila features! But AE is not just looking to ape the DeI experience, they have set it in a slightly different timeframe and that gives you a vastly different experience! This is set, I believe JUST before the battle of Zama, and depending on how this goes it can have huge repercussions.

    I firmly believe that DeI players will really like this, but it is NOT a DeI clone!!! There are a few differences but the mod still focuses on immersion and realism. The most notable differences from DeI is the campaign mechanics (different but still immersive!) and frankly, even in this early state, the battles are much better with the Attila features....

    My only gripe at the moment with the mod, is the manual/played naval battles... The auto-resolve appears to be pretty balanced and fair to me right now but playing the naval battles is a little disappointing to me. I do believe, however, that a lot of this is hardcoded issues related to the Attila engine and I'm not sure how much these could be improved. On that note, the naval battles in Rome 2 are absolutely and totally bugged and broken TO THIS DAY so when compared thee's absolutely no loss.... if anything, in some ways the poor naval combat is still an improvement and like I said in my experience auto-resolve appears to (mostly) work rather fairly. Everytime I had any kind of cavalry unit on a transport boat it would die, even on 95-5% auto battles.. but the same didn't seem to affect the AI but I may be mistaken.

    PS - I don't know how many people are actively working on patching AE, but it IS being updated, and the amount of people who have contributed and helped the mod get this far is ENORMOUS! Even with a small or tiny team left, there is enough here for it to be totally polished up and made legendary within our lifetimes!
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