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Thread: is mount_effect ap damage or just adds to regular damage?

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    Icon5 is mount_effect ap damage or just adds to regular damage?

    from EBI (pretty much the same in M2TW):
    type             african elephant bushdictionary       african_elephant_bush      ; African Bush Elephants
    category         cavalry
    class            heavy
    voice_type       Medium_1
    soldier          hellenic_elephant_archer, 8, 8, 1
    mount            elephant african
    mount_effect	 chariot -4 
    attributes       sea_faring, can_run_amok, frighten_foot, frighten_mounted, hardy
    formation        7, 11, 13, 16, 1, square
    stat_health      5, 5
    stat_pri         9, 45, normal_arrow, 136, 11, missile, archery, piercing, none, 1 ,1.31
    stat_pri_attr    no
    stat_sec         45, 45, no, 0, 0, melee, other, blunt, none, 0 ,2
    stat_sec_attr    area, launching
    stat_pri_armour  25, 25, 0, leather
    stat_sec_armour  25, 25, leather
    stat_heat        0
    stat_ground      0, 0, -5, -4
    stat_mental      8, normal, untrained
    stat_charge_dist 15
    stat_fire_delay  0
    stat_food        0, 0
    stat_cost        3, 1500, 200, 750, 750, 1500
    ownership        egypt, numidia, saba, slave
    is mount_effect just added (or in this case subtracted) onto the regular damage or is it separate AP damage? does it also affect morale (it increases morale with positives or decreases with negatives vs the specified unit type?)

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    Default Re: is mount_effect ap damage or just adds to regular damage?

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