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    Hello, how are you? With everyone's permission, I ask you if I can post my mod and things about it to keep it little by little and that it be seen by others, it is a mod that deals with Sparta and the new features that it integrates and has. add more, it can also be said that it is obvious that there are new units and there will be others that will replace the new ones (because they already use many mods and I prefer to create or put others that are not seen very often), also and to say that with the As time went by I learned to create new units using the parts of others, but after all they are new and only used by me, that I would like to post them and that they tell me that because I love them and they are of high quality, like those of variag mod, their units inspired me to create mine ... well, to say that I don't know how to create a post, I hope someone will read me and answer me if they come here sometimes


    well those are some images from when I had started .. later I will upload more things and want a beta xD
    some videos:

    I want to say that I am Argentine ajaj xD

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    Bienvenido, es bueno ver a un hispanohablante que sabe modear el juego. Éxito en tu mod.

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    Hola gracias por darme la bienvenida

    más que nada es un mod con nuevas facciones con sus respectivas nuevas unidades, también estoy buscando un balance entre las unidades para que las batallas sean verdaderas batallas, digamos que duren un mas el tiempo la lucha, no como el vanilla que eran practicamente unos 5 minutos o menos por lo rapido que huian xD... tambien hay algunas unidades puestas al azar en varias facciones como escistas( o como se escriba xD), cartago, tracia, ponto...

    more than anything it is a mod with new factions with their respective new units, I am also looking for a balance between the units for the battles to be real battles, let's say they last a little longer the time of the fight, not like the vanilla that were practically some 5 minutes or less because of how fast they fled xD ... there are also some units randomly placed in various factions such as Scists (or how to spell xD), Carthage, Thrace, Ponto ...

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