Because there is no limit on settlement growth besides what government type you can build there a couple of hundred turns into any campaign invariably sees every settlement, at least of the player if they are playing a civilized faction, become a 'large' or 'huge' city. This creates a number of problems in my opinion -

  • It's completely unhistorical and unrealistic. Random backwater settlements did not develop populations / income to rival Rome. Major settlements like Rome, Carthage completely dwarfed provincial towns. And these towns generally stayed towns.
  • It contributes to income bloat and therefore stack bloat which degenerates into autoresolving everything with no individual stack or battle of any importance at all. This leads to boredom and quitting the campaign, at least for me.
  • It heavily favors 1) 'Civilized' factions and 2) Factions that can build many of their top tier government types. Try KH - they can have every settlement roughly in the Eastern Roman Empire become a huge city - 30 Romes, or 30 Athens.

So in general it destroys game balance, is unhistorical, and is boring. I would like to ask if EBII would implement some limiting of settlement growth in some similar manner to 'city mod' for EBI. This capped growth in settlements depending on historical development. Most could attain 'city' status, a few backwaters were limited to 'large town', major centers could reach 'large city', and only a handful of settlements on the map could develop into 'huge' cities.

If not why not? Thanks!