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    Once you 'unite the tribes' you are given this 'challenge'. Apparently, the 'tribes', who you have just soundly defeated on the way to 'uniting' them.., were just lying in wait and gathering their strength (what strength?) to counterattack! Oh and numerous armies of them just show up out of thin air outside most of your cities (that you have just conquered and defeated all the armies of). Surprise!

    If that wasn't good enough you get an across-the-board 80% unrest in all of your cities making it impossible to not have the outliers rebel. I guess this is because everyone is so ticked off you united the tribes? So now you can hunt down rebels and recapture the cities you already captured for reasons.

    Not my idea of fun to be honest.

    For anyone who encounters this, the unrest does ease off eventually. It's slow, but it will start fading after about 25 turns. There are a few settlements that stay at 80% longer, then suddenly drop off about turn 40 or so.
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    It has been adjusted in 2.35A - now it only applies if you choose to become a horde on uniting the tribes.

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    Great, thanks for the change. Saka is a fun faction.

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