Having trouble getting this to pop. Below from campaign script:

My FL has "Philhellenos" trait (in Rekem capital now, but put him in Memphis before when he was heir)
It's 128 BC, I've seen Thokakitai in the Seleucid armies
I'm settled already (Nabat admin around)
Own 20+ settlements, they all have maxed out markets.
Have 3 Polis or greater owned (Memphis, Alex, PT, Dam, Bab, Seleuc)

What am I missing? Want to see this one develop some more.....

monitor_event CharacterTurnEnd FactionType f_nabatu
and IsFactionLeader
and Trait Philhellene > 0 ;;; Faction leader has the requisite "Philhellene" trait
and I_EventCounter ecNabatu_Settled > 0 ;;; first reform has happened
and I_EventCounter ecThorakitaiReform > 0 ;;; late Hellenistic reform has happened
and I_CompareCounter nabatu_hel_poleis > 2 ;;; have at least 3 major Greek settlements
and I_CompareCounter nabatu_trade_centers > 2 ;;; have at least 3 major markets
;set_event_counter ecNabatu_Settled 0 ;;; Settled reform
set_event_counter ecNabatu_Imperial 1 ;;; Empire reform