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Thread: Siege Towers too large? (ladders-towers)

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    Default Siege Towers too large? (ladders-towers)

    Just want to know if anyone else is having an issue when attacking settlements, the towers or siege ladders tend to be too big and my troops end up falling some distance on to the battlements? fantastic mod!
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    Default Re: Siege Towers too large? (ladders-towers)

    Yes I've had this happen a couple of times.

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    Default Re: Siege Towers too large? (ladders-towers)

    Same problem here, any solution?

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    Well, I can only have BIG tower siege, It fit only with big wall (and they are rare) Never medium siege tower for medium wall. why? this is annoying :-/

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    I have more informations: The problem is not the siege tower, but the battle map:

    - In the campaign map when we have: "city have big wall" in fact, in the battle map, the city have small wall

    -When in the campagn map the "big wall" option is enable, the AI (or me) build big tower siege. So, in battle map the wall are small and that is the problem.

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    I see some of you has correctly concluded that the problem is the battlemap rather than the towers themselves. If you look closer, this problem only happens if you siege settlements that are Minor settlements in vanilla Attila.

    In normal Attila, there are 3 tier of siege maps: small (Palisade), minor(8m wall), and major (15m wall, with exception of Barbarian settlements). Minor settlements starts with small siege map, upgradable to minor siege map. Major Province Capitals starts with minor siege map and upgradeable to major. Also, in normal Attila, the settlement building for Major and Minor Settlement are of diffferent building tree. This building tree effects dictates the text shown in-game and the the Siege Tower height of the army besieging it. However, building effects does not control the type of the siege map.

    Now MK1212 uplift all minor settlement into provincial capitals in 1-region Province system. This mean in-campaign the former minor settlements now have 6 building slots. We also replaces all small siege map with minor siege map. However, because we uplift all minor settlement into Provincial Capitals, the differentiation between Major and Minor settlement building tree is gone, yet the siege map assignment persists. The campaign settlements are no longer differentiated, yet the game still links the minor settlement siege maps into the former minor settlements.

    So yeah, we need to take measures so the game now links the major siege maps into all settlements - something we think is possible, but not yet managed to do.

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