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Thread: Prussian Campaign (of the Coalition) on VH/VH

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    Default Prussian Campaign (of the Coalition) on VH/VH

    Now that I can edit posts, let's try a live A.A.R. I haven't played this one in a few years, so hopefully I won't forget anything too egregious. Details will be in the description for each video, with just a teaser here (unless readers insist on a different approach).

    Full Playlist

    • Video #1 - Dresden - Early January 1805
      • Cabinet shuffled and Trade Agreements arranged.
      • Herr Hegel appointed head of Philosophy Research at Magdeburg.
      • Blucher orders all reserves to collect around Berlin, personally leading the column from Konigsberg.
      • Columns commanded by Hohenlohe & Prince Louis-Ferdinand win a decisive victory (301 casualties) over the Saxons in Battle of Dresden, incorporating Saxony into greater Prussia.
        Prince Louis-Ferdinand is awarded a commendation for being "Steady under Fire".
      • Louis-Ferdinand's column returns to Berlin while Hohenloe's garrisons Dresden.
      • Technology research and initial economic builds laid down.

    • Video #2 - Schwerin - Early January 1805 through Early February 1805
      • In the dying light of January 15, a D.O.W. is hastily sent off to Mecklenburg, barely preempting arrival of the Danish Ambassador offering mutual defense arrangements.
      • Newly arrived Silesian and Brandenburg Landwehr relieve Hohenloe's column as the Dresden garrison.
      • The prince's column, now reinforced with elements of both the reserve and Hohenloe's troops, assembles for an assault on Schwerin in Early February by Blucher, with a heroic victory (434 casualties).
      • Additional trade Agreements with Ottomans, Batavian Republic, and Spain are negotiated.

    • Video #3 - Kassel - Late February through Early April 1805
      • Trade Agreement with Spain cancelled in Late February - as being too advantageous to the French-Spanish Alliance.
      • Magdeburg set as assembly area for all columns in preparation for assault on Hesse-Kassel in April (once their new Barracks is complete).
      • Romours abound of a naval clash, in the West Indies, between fleets commanded by Nelson and Villeneuve - but no confirmation arrives.
      • Prussian merchant marine begins arrangements in expectation of trade goods acquisition in North America.
      • Blucher assigned to command a screening column for the right flank west of Magdeburg, while Louis-Ferdinand and Hohenlohe will lead two columns through the Fulda Gap to Kassel.
      • Herr Werner accepts a position as head of Industrial Research in Erfurt in Late March.
      • Brief celebratory strike by Erfurt University students is rapidly suppressed by the administration.
      • Lower Class public order improves after cartoons of Lord Minister of the Admiralty Christian Bach as a "Jughead" appear across the country.
      • ​Louie-Ferdinand's column assaults Kassel, winning a Decisive Victory (435 casualties) and an oak leaf, for being a Brave Soldier, on his earlier commendation, and fifteen unit chevrons are earned by thirteen units. The reinforcing column under Hohenlohe arrives only in time for celebratory champagne.
      • Push End Turn; and that's a wrap.
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