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    One of the most annoying things about Total War is that if you add mods you are unable to play online games
    with other players (unless your opponent has the same mods as you)...

    As the original Vanilla Version of the game has a horrible weapon sound, music, font size...
    I created a simple Enhanced Mod that adds new Graphics and Sounds improvements without changing
    the version of your game. So you can play online normally against players who don't have this polished version.

    Look at the changes:

    * New Menu Background
    Forget the original BLUE boring background menu!! Now you will see beautiful battle scenes!! I created 1 minute of high resolution video to illustrate!

    * New 3D Loadings Screens including the Warpath Expansion (original creator)
    Some people complain about delays in loading screens from 1.5 version. Now, Black Label brings new 3D loadingscreens created by Durango with additional 3D images created by me for the Warpath expansion.

    * New Night Scenarios (original creator)
    Now your army will walk through the night. All night scenes were edited!
    Note: If you want to remove the night enviroments go to your Empire Total War folder, locate the "data" folder, open, and DELETE ONLY "ultima_night.pack" file!

    * New Sound Package (original creator) and (original creator 2)
    The sound of weapons in the Vanilla game clearly have been taken from toy pistols. Lol, but is true! Now your immersion in battles will be greater with real musket fire exploding in your ears! In the Black Label version you also have new sounds of swords, axes, bows and deaths combined with sounds of muskets, cannons and explosions seen in 1.5.

    * Font Size + 2 (English Language ONLY)

    Larger and better text to see in widescreen resolution. Some of these texts from Vanilla have been edited to fit!! Better than the game's original font size! Unfortunately, some names of Dutch generals could not be edited in order to suppress possible historical characters. The same happened with city names and all original information that may not fit in the text box.

    * Map Radar (original creator)
    Realistic world map.

    * New Battle HUD
    (original creator)

    Golden battle HUD.

    * New Unit Skins

    European Generals (original creator)
    Expatriates Infantry (original creator)
    American Rangers (original creator)
    Guards (original creator) (original creator link 2)
    I did not want to add skins, but I did only for two reasons:
    1- the uniforms of European Generals are completely horrible in Vanilla.
    2- The Expatriates Units wear the same clothes as regular Infantry Units, which causes confusion in the original version... the same happens with the Guard Units (a special regiment that protected the kings). The American Rangers were changed because the originals have clothes similar to the common Militia, which, again, causes confusion!
    Now these specific units have more realism and identity. For more information acess the original version where more re-textures were created by Bavarian Grenadier and SwissHalberdier and feel free to use with this mod (100% tested compatibility).

    * Napoleon Graphics for Campaigns and Battles (original creator)

    All the improvements were taken from the subsequent game Napoleon, edited the buggy parts of the original Bran Mac's creation. The ADDON Ultima Effects with additional Fire and Smoke effects from battles, similar to Napoleon Total War, has also been added.

    * Slave Trade
    (original creator)

    A game that takes place in the 18th century should talk about the slave trade. Unfortunately, perhaps to avoid controversy, Empire omitted that detail, but creator Pike Stance build a way to add that to the game. I didn't touch anything he did originally, I just added it to the package as a bonus! For more information, acess his version.

    * New Flags - correct flags from 18th century (original creator)

    All edited flags, new ones added by me including some war flags that were corrupted in the original work from JFC.

    * 38 Factions Enabled in Campaign Mode

    Countless hours of gameplay added with 38 nations . All factions released in 1700 were tested without error. Pirates' faction has been cut from this Black Label version due to bugs, the same occurred with Thirteen Colonies, New Spain and Lousiania (all three are special missions from Great Britain, Spain and France, which seek to suppress revolutions, and are not real playable).

    ----------> DOWNLOAD HERE <--------------
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    hey Miltron your link is not working man

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    please new link

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    Your file isn't working man

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    Hi, I see that you have found a solution to the fog glitch in Nap effects. Which pack file contains Nap effects in the data folder? I want to inspect it further using PFM.

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    Hey man! Nice job with this mod. First Stable mod in Empire Total War in a long time. Very nice collection almost accurate to my personal vanilla collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amood87 View Post
    Hi, I see that you have found a solution to the fog glitch in Nap effects. Which pack file contains Nap effects in the data folder? I want to inspect it further using PFM.
    Hi mate, first forgive my english limitations...

    The "fog glitch" arises from an incompatibility error of "cloudsets" (inside "skybox" folder) imported from Napoleon Total War in Bran's Nap Effects. So, to solve it, just remove almost all cloudsets and let your Empire system load the original one.

    In Ultima Ratio you can see this edited by opening the "Ultima_Graph.pack" with PFM (open "skybox" inside "Ultima_Graph.pack" and extract it for your mod if you want). That is it! basically what i did was the same for night battles in "Ultima_Night.pack", but for night enviroments I only looked for files of cloudsets with greater incompatibility and eliminated all (for example the night scenes with sandstorms)... I just left the scenarios that have less fog intensity - to be honest, some enviroments still have an unusual intensity of fog at night, but basically only experienced players like me notice, the vast majority of players are happy with what was done and think it is a natural effect from new nights enviroments.

    Basically, that's it! The logic lies in the way why clouds are loaded in Napoleon (with more reality and moving around the battle scenarios) and how that functionality doesn't exist in Empire, unfortunately! So when we import the "skyboxes" from Napoleon to the Empire, they simply bug/glitch (or whatever you want to call) because they increase the intensity of fog, which makes the game unplayable allmost in every battle.

    Quote Originally Posted by OreoMan32 View Post
    Hey man! Nice job with this mod. First Stable mod in Empire Total War in a long time. Very nice collection almost accurate to my personal vanilla collection.
    Hi man, and thank you very much! I saw your graphic mod and I was very tempted to test it!!! I noticed that you went further and found some interesting filters, amazing! I'm still going to test it, and maybe update what I have in the near future, but unfortunately I took a little break from game editions because they were consuming a lot of time... The Empire needs a graphical update like yours since probably the C.A. will never do a remastered version for us . Whatever you need from me - with my little knowledge about the subject - and whatever you want to get from Ultima Ratio - if you found necessary - feel free man! Thanx again!

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    A little late, but congrats on the release Milton! +rep
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