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    Zerkovich posted this video aboout units in TWWII that he feels are underrated about a week ago:
    That got my thinking about what units in TWWII I feel are underrated. I've been running a High Elf campaign, and I think that people generally undersell White Lions. The usual attitude towards them, at least from what I've seen, is that they're not woth buying or training because Swordmasters are so much betterr. However, I would argue that White Lions are useful because they're a (fairly) cheap way to add AP to an army, which is useful against factions with a lot of armor, like Chaos or Dwarves, or against factions with an aggressive frontline, like Greenskins.

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    One of the problem of warhammer is that after a while, base units are not interesting anymore and the AI and the players have a tendency to only build the stronger units (ie 19 dragons).

    I'm using a mod that limits the number of units you can have in an army based on core/special/rare, + a global cap for each unit based on the numer of settlement/buildign you have. With that, you rediscover the benefits of these underrated units.

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