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Thread: Stuttering (mostly units but also some camera scroll)

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    Default Stuttering (mostly units but also some camera scroll)

    Does anyone else experience stuttering (units and often camera scroll) sometimes with bad FPS drops though not always, despite hardware not being maxed out (neither CPU nor GPU are ever at 100% usage) Medium unit sizes and most things on high/very high. (No AA) Anytime I have large battles (2v2 or more) after they start fighting I get a lot of stuttering.

    Things I've done to try and resolve it that haven't worked:

    -I've messed around with the graphics settings ALOT (tried every setting at every level you can imagine). Added my VRAM in preferences, ran in open window, low water, low everything etc...
    -Tried drivers etc...
    -Tried setting affinity for CPU cores and set priority to high no luck.
    -Changed power settings in windows too.

    I think I've concluded that it's not a hardware potential issue, ie. that there's no possibility of the "power" of my system to run it properly. Because even when I put the graphics on LOW and get a solid 60FPS when there are many units engaged (2v2 battles) there's still lots of stuttering amongst the units. Even changing the resolution doesn't help. Oddly sometimes if I pause then un-pause it will go away for a very short while. I'm about to give up....any help? I would forever be grateful.
    I'm on a new PC (ryzen 5 2600 and rx 580 4GB 24 GB RAM), but even on my laptop which was an i7 4720HQ and an 970m I still had it. I've never been able to run RII without such stuttering.

    (I prefer to play with Divide et Impera, but stuttering happens with or without)

    -Also if you are or aren't experience stuttering what is your computer's specs and how are you running the game on large battles? Mine is a ryzen 2600, rx 580 4GB, 24 GB of DDR4 2200MHZ RAM, SSD.Other set up is an i7 4720hq, GTX 970m 3GB, 8GB 1600MHZ RAM, HD with same problem.

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    Default Re: Stuttering (mostly units but also some camera scroll)

    I have been experiencing this issue as well. It is really weird as it comes and goes for no apparent reason (it may take months) Something that seems to really help (although not solve the issue entirely) is unparking cpu cores. And also setting affinity for all cores back again after turing one core off. This is not a full fix though as ocasionally the stuttering happens.

    Something that I may add is that there seems to be different kinds of stuttering issues, on the campaing map, when loading battles and during battles as it it is your case. Are all related? Probably, but I do not know really. I have had the three "types" at the same playthrough though so they are not exclusive to each other.

    I have read that modding causes the problem and that uninstalling and re-installing the game may fix it, although I havenīt tried it yet because it doesnīt sound very promising. Other fix may include some hardware cleaning and/or optimizing as my personal theory is that it has to do with pc energy circulation or something of the sort (the stuttering disappears every time my pc gets fixed). I am no engineer so I have no idea really.

    Hope it helps!
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