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Thread: Warhammer Alternate City Design If Possible

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    Default Warhammer Alternate City Design If Possible

    I have got this game recently and I love it all apart from the design of the human city capitals, is there any mods or replacement files or artwork available for the first warhammer total war game that would solve this problem for me ?

    Please reply if you can help with this, thanks for your time fellow TW fans,

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    Default Re: Warhammer Alternate City Design If Possible

    Are you talking about campaign map or battle map design? I'm not aware of any mods doing the former, the GCCM team have unique Altdorf and Couronne campaign map models in a WHII mod, there might be one for WHI as well. As for battle maps, there are no generic improved/changed battle maps. There are some mods that give some, but not all, settlements a unique battle map.

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