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Thread: Watchtowers cast no shadow?

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    Default Watchtowers cast no shadow?


    I found that watchtowers that generals can build CAST NO SHADOW on the campaign map. That is weird. All the other shadows on the campaign map look fine, I am using extreme shadows (with high shadows I see that happen too) Is this a feature or some bug?

    Also: is there any way to recover Vanilla MTW2 campaign map textures? It seems that they used Rome TW campaign map textures, I don't find those textures very good... Is there a way or a mod to bring Vanilla campaign textures back? If so, how?

    Thank you very much.

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    As for the watchtowers, mine are in fact shadowless, too. For me, that's no big deal really.
    The strat map textures thing is not that complicated: You can unpack your game (Google will help you out on that) and copy-paste the folder data\terrain from Medieval 2's root directory into your BC mod folder.
    I'm not sure if you're using the Buff & Shine submod, but I'd certainly recommend you to install that one. Their ground textures look quite good to me, even though I'm not sure whether they actually replace BC's native ones.

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